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COVID-19 Task Force

The European Burden of Disease Network established the Burden of COVID-19 Task Force (TF), as a sub-group of WG2 Infectious Diseases. The TF welcomes members who are conducting or interested in launching national studies to estimate the burden of disease of COVID-19.

Its aims are to:

  • Share experiences in national burden of COVID-19 studies
  • Support each other with calculations, model assumptions, data gaps
  • Harmonize methodologies and align strategies for communicating results
  • Discuss research projects and upcoming evidence on long-COVID

The TF meets approximately every six weeks. We select a different topic for each meeting, and focus mostly on technical discussions. We also have the opportunity to arrange ad-hoc meetings and discussions as needed/requested by members of the TF, and to use the burden-eu discussion forum.

You can find the minutes of our meetings on the Google Drive.

If you are interested in joining, contact Sara Pires.

Other resources on COVID-19 disease burden are available on this page.

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