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16th European Public Health Conference

The 16th European Public Health Conference, organised by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA), will take place from 9 to 11 November 2023, with pre-conferences organised on 8 November. The conference will be held at the Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland. Complete information about the congress is available via

During the conference, our COST Action will contribute to live workshops on burden of disease assessment. There will also be several abstract and poster presentations on burden of disease by our network members. Below you will find an overview of the different burden of disease sessions planned at the 16th European Public Health Conference.

Burden of disease workshops and skills building seminars

Workshop: Data, tools and methodologies on injury burden in Europe: current limitations and future directions
Fri 10/11, 15h10-16h10
A new Norwegian Injury Registration System as a starting point to assess the burden of injuries in Norway
— Johan Lund, NIPH, Norway
Barriers in the implementation of burden of disease estimates in Belgium and potential solutions
— Robby De Pauw, Sciensano, Belgium
Data collection and analysis on the burden of injuries: Lessons learned from the IDB network
— Robert Bauer, Austria
Methodological challenges in collecting and analysing data on child unintentional injuries: Insights from the CHILD Vigilance project (CHIVI) on parents’ attitudes and practices
— Tatiana Alves, Portugal
Workshop: Projecting future burden of disease for informed public health decision making
Sat 11/11, 11h40-12h40
Disease burden in Norway in 2050: A forecasting analysis based on the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study
— Ann Kristin Knudsen, NIPH, Norway
Future Dutch DALYs as part of the Dutch Public health Foresight Study
— Henk Hilderink, RIVM, Netherlands
Forecasting the future burden of disease in Scotland
— Ian Grant, Public Health Scotland, UK
Disease burden in Belgium in 2040: Methodological considerations
— Robby De Pauw, Sciensano, Belgium
Workshop: Risk-benefit assessment of foods and diets for a sustainable future
Sat 11/11, 14h00-15h00
Risk-benefit assessment of foods – status, challenges, and opportunities
— Sofie Theresa Thomsen, DTU, Denmark
Holistic approaches for risk-benefit assessment
— Constanza De Matteu Monteiro, DTU, Denmark
Exploring subjective risk-benefit perception as an integral component in risk communication
— Mark Lohmann, BfR, Germany
The World Health Organization endeavours to put forward integrated approaches to food and diet risk-benefit assessment
— Moez Sanaa, World Health Organization, Switzerland

Burden of disease abstract presentations

Thursday 9 November 2023
9h00–10h00 1.E. - Oral presentations: Air pollution Local approach to attributable disease burden: case study for air pollution and mortality in Belgium
Arno Pauwels - Belgium
10h30–11h30 2.E. - Workshop: Salutogenic Cities: European experiences in Urban Health The urban burden of disease estimation for policy-making in 1000 European cities
Vlatka Matkovic - Belgium
10h30–11h30 2.R. - Poster walk: Chronic diseases The burden of breast cancer attributable to modifiable risk factors
Jovana Todorovic - Serbia
10h30–11h30 2.R. - Poster walk: Chronic diseases Assessing and projecting the burden of diabetes mellitus in the European Union by 2030
Nour Mahrouseh - Hungary
16h40–17h40 4.E. - Pitch presentations: Environment and health The burden of ischemic stroke due to air pollution in ten European countries
Katarina Vojvodic - Serbia
Friday 10 November 2023
11h40–12h40 6.D. - Pitch presentations: The burden of chronic diseases Subnational inequalities in YLLs and associated socioeconomic factors: a disease burden study
Carl Baravelli - Norway
11h40–12h40 6.R. - Poster walk: Epidemiology Sex differences in disease burden in Norway: an analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019
Ingeborg Forthun - Norway
11h40–12h40 6.R. - Poster walk: Epidemiology Mortality burden due to COVID-19 in 14 countries or regions in Southeastern Europe and Central Asia
Caoimhe Cawley - Germany
15h10–16h10 7.R. - Poster walk: Epidemiology 2 Burden of dementia, chronic kidney and cardiovascular diseases attributable to hypertension in France
Clemence Grave - France
15h10–16h10 7.R. - Poster walk: Epidemiology 2 The burden of cardiovascular disease associated with PM2.5 exposure in the Portuguese population
Carla Martins - Portugal
Saturday 11 November 2023
9h00–10h00 9.A. - Pitch presentations: Healthy diets The burden of dietary risk factors in the Nordic and Baltic countries
Ann Kristin Knudsen - Norway
11h40–12h40 10.D. - Oral presentations: Prevention and management of chronic diseases Burden of T1DM and T2DM among adolescents in Western Europe, 1990-2019: results from the GBD 2019
Benedetta Armocida - Italy
11h40–12h40 10.L. - Oral presentations: Understanding population health Estimating the burden of Long COVID symptom clusters in Ireland
Tochukwu Igboanugo - Ireland
13h50–14h50 11.O. - Oral presentations: Child and adolescent health Quantifying the environmental burden of disease for children and adolescents in Germany
Dietrich Plass - Germany

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