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[burden-eu] 4th Working Group Meeting [burden-eu] Call for applications - Risk Factors Training School [burden-eu] Happy New Year ! [burden-eu] 15th European Public Health Conference [burden-eu] Updates on the International Burden of Disease Conference [burden-eu] Register now for the International burden of disease conference [burden-eu] International burden of disease conference - Save the date! [burden-eu] Webinar on the Global Burden of Disease 2020 study [burden-eu] Call for applications - Burden of disease Training School, Tbilisi, Georgia [burden-eu] Webinar on the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates [burden-eu] 3rd WG meeting programme [burden-eu] Call for applications – COVID Training School and new Mobility Grants [burden-eu] Happy holidays [burden-eu] 10 days left to submit your abstract for our Working Group meeting [burden-eu] Save the date: 4th MC meeting & 3rd WG meeting on 24-26 January 2022 [burden-eu] 14th European Public Health Conference 2021 [burden-eu] KT collaboration in BoD work [burden-eu] Call for Virtual Mobility Grants [burden-eu] Launch of the 2nd burden-eu Training School [burden-eu] Burden of non-communicable diseases in Cyprus, 1990–2017 [burden-eu] 14th European Public Health Conference 2021 [burden-eu] New publications from the network [burden-eu] Webinar on the GBD Future Health Scenarios [burden-eu] WHO steps up action to estimate foodborne disease burden [burden-eu] Spotlight on Dr. Alexander Rommel [burden-eu] WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of cardiovascular disease burden from long working hours [burden-eu] Cardiovascular disease burden in Italy and the European Union [burden-eu] Joint unCoVer & burden-eu webinar on COVID-19 disease burden [burden-eu] First Annual Andrea Farioli Conference in Occupational Epidemiology [burden-eu] Launch of the 1st burden-eu Training School [burden-eu] COVID-19 burden of disease assessment [burden-eu] Recent articles published in the Archives of Public Health burden of disease article collection [burden-eu] Spotlight on Dr. Lea Sletting Jakobsen [burden-eu] Roll-out of the Global Burden of Animal Diseases programme [burden-eu] Webinar on the Italian Global Burden of Disease Initiative [burden-eu] Discussion forum [burden-eu] Memorial in honour of Dr Andrea Farioli [burden-eu] 14th European Public Health Conference 2021 [burden-eu] Happy New Year 2021 ! [burden-eu] Webinar on disability weights [burden-eu] Webinar on COVID-19 disease burden [burden-eu] October updates [burden-eu] New articles published in the Archives of Public Health burden of disease article collection [burden-eu] We want to put you in the spotlight! [burden-eu] Save the date: 2nd WG meeting & 3rd MC meeting on 7-9 December 2020 [burden-eu] Burden of disease activities at the World Congress on Public Health 2020 [burden-eu] WHO calls for experts [burden-eu] Corona updates [burden-eu] In memoriam of Dr. Andrea Farioli [burden-eu] Call for papers on public health issues of the COVID-19 situation

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