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Impressions of the 2nd burden-eu Working Group meeting

On December 8 and 9 2020, we organized online Working Group meetings to discuss COVID disease burden and the GBD 2019 Study. Despite the digital setting, these meetings provided fruitful opportunities for discussion and exchange. The meetings were attended by around 100 WG members.

All meeting presentations remain available via

On Tuesday 8 December, we opened the meeting with an overview of our activities since the previous WG meeting. We had also sent out a survey to our WG members to gain insights in how they have experienced the first year of the COST Action:

m2wg welcome

The first day of our Working Group meetings was dedicated to quantifying COVID-19 disease burden. Dr Sara Pires gave an overview of the resources developed by our COST Action to help quantify COVID disease burden.

m2wg covid

The second day of our Working Group meeting was dedicated to the GBD 2019 Study. Prof Theo Vos from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation gave an update on the GBD 2019 study and discussed methodological changes.

m2wg gbd2

Finally, we also dedicated time to knowledge translation aspects. What does knowledge translation mean to our members, and how can we use burden of disease estimates to inform and influence policy?

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