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15th European Public Health Conference

The 15th European Public Health Conference, organised by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA), will take place from 10 to 12 November 2022, with pre-conferences organised on 9 November. The conference will take place at the hub27, Berlin, Germany. Complete information about the congress is available via

During the conference, our COST Action will contribute to three live workshops on burden of disease assessment. There will also be several abstract and poster presentations on burden of disease by our network members. Below you will find an overview of the different burden of disease sessions planned during the 15th European Public Health Conference.

Burden of disease workshops and skills building seminars

Skills building seminar: Integrating social inequalities in the burden of disease framework
Fri 11/11, 11h40-12h40
Using individual-level stratification as an approach to integrating social inequalities into the burden of disease
— Carl Baravelli - Norway
Inequalities in the disease burden in Scotland: an area level analysis
— Ian Grant - United Kingdom
Reducing educational inequalities in mortality: a comparative risk assessment approach
— Terje Andreas Eikemo - Norway
Skills building seminar: Redistribution of ill-defined deaths: a methodological conundrum
Sat 12/11, 9h00-10h00
Redistribution down under—dealing with ill-defined deaths in the Australian Burden of Disease Study
— Melanie Dunford - Australia
Redistribution of ill-defined deaths: the Scottish Burden of Disease approach
— Ian Grant - United Kingdom
Redistributing ill-defined deaths in the German Burden of Disease study BURDEN 2020
— Annelene Wengler - Germany
Years of life lost for 137 causes of death in Belgium by age, sex, and region, 2004-2018
— Aline Scohy - Belgium
Workshop: Injury Severity Classification and burden of disability measurement
Sat 12/11, 11h40-12h40
Severity in a Norwegian hospitalized injury material (N=177,663) by two severity measures: threat-to-life and threat of disability
— Johan Lund - Norway
Methodological considerations when assessing the Burden of Disease due to injuries
— Robby De Pauw - Belgium
Quantification the cost of injuries
— Juanita Haagsma - Netherlands

Burden of disease abstract presentations

Thursday 10 November 2022
9h00–10h00 1.E. - Workshop: Accelerating the action on SDGs applying a One Health approach Air pollution and health – the importance of air monitoring and burden of disease for attaining SDGs
Carla Martins - Portugal
10h30–11h30 2.C. - Oral presentations: Comparitive public health analysis Measuring health expectancy in the European Union
João Vasco Santos - EUPHA (ECO)
15h00–16h00 3.R. - Poster walk: Chronic diseases Direct and indirect costs attributable to musculoskeletal disorders in Belgium
Vanessa Gorasso - EUPHA (ECO)
16h30–17h30 4.S. - Poster walk: Epidemiology: sociaoeconomic risk factors Changes in life expectancy and disease burden in the 11 Norwegian counties 1990-2019: GBD Study 2019
Benjamin Clarsen - Norway
Friday 11 November 2022
09h00–10h00 5.R. - Poster walk: Epidemiology and impact Reporting guidelines for burden of disease studies: why and how?
Periklis Charalampous - Netherlands
15h10–16h10 7.G. - Pitch presentations: Health data and assessments Burden of disease assessment for Germany and its regions – results from the BURDEN 2020 study
Michael Porst - Germany
Saturday 12 November 2022
9h00–10h00 9.B. - Pitch presentations: Lessons learned from COVID-19 The top three causes of premature mortality in Belgrade 2020
Milena Šantrić Milićević - Serbia
9h00–10h00 9.D. - Pitch presentations: Risk factors for chronic diseasesc The burden of musculoskeletal disorders in Belgium: a national population-based study
Vanessa Gorasso - EUPHA (ECO)
9h00–10h00 9.R. - Poster walk: Mental health 1 Burden of Depressive disorders in Balkan countries
Jovana Todorovic - Serbia
9h00–10h00 9.R. - Poster walk: Mental health 1 Burden of alcohol use disorder in Balkan countries
Zorica Terzic-Supic - Serbia
9h00–10h00 9.S. - Poster walk: Public health monitoring and reporting Changing life expectancy in Europe 1990-2019: Global Burden of Disease Study 2019
Nicholas Steel - United Kingdom
13h50–14h50 11.Q. - Pitch presentations: Monitoring the burden of disease The global burden of neglected zoonotic diseases: current state of evidence
Carlotta di Bari - Belgium
13h50–14h50 11.Q. - Pitch presentations: Monitoring the burden of disease Monitoring the burden of disease in Scotland and the contribution of risk factors
Ian Grant - United Kingdom

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