COST Action CA18218

Standardised Reporting of Burden of Disease Studies

The Standardised Reporting of Burden of Disease Studies (STROBOD) statement aims to serve as a standard protocol for reporting DALY calculations. The widespread application of the STROBOD statement will increase consistency and transparency in reporting of BOD studies, which will enhance usability of BOD estimates. The statement will furthermore serve as an educational tool, as it helps researchers and students to understand the different choices and assumptions that need to be made when calculating DALYs. The STROBOD statement is however not intended to serve as a tool to assess the quality of BOD studies or estimates.

STROBOD comprises a checklist of 28 items. For each item, authors need to specify on which page the relevant information can be found. The interpretation and rationale of each reporting item, along with examples of good reporting, are available in a more detailed explanation and elaboration annex.

Download the STROBOD checklist

Download the STROBOD annex

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